Divorce Recovery

What is divorce recovery and coaching?

Divorce is the radical separation of lives that were once closely connected; just like when someone physically dies. It can be a scary, confusing, and sad time for those facing such a profound uncoupling. Almost every aspect of your life is impacted in a divorce. Your financial situation changes; your social circle is altered; your moods are unpredictable and in constant flux; your responsibilities around the house shift; your relationship with your children and family members is different.

These losses in routine and expectations can cause great levels of grief, sadness, fear, anger, confusion, and emotional pain. We understand how difficult it can be to maneuver all of emotional upheaval divorce can cause. If you are current going through a divorce, or are having difficulty overcoming the grief of your divorce, we are here to guide you towards mending your emotional wounds.

Divorce recovery and divorce coaching are designed to successfully lead people through the divorce process and create new, healthy lives. We provide support and information for our clients to:

  • Apply effective coping strategies to courageously overcome grief and loss.
  • Generate forgiveness and compassion towards one’s self and others in order to create self-empowerment and confidence.
  • Demonstrate impactful communication skills with your ex-spouse, children, family, etc.
  • Gain personal insight to develop healthy relationships with one’s self, friends, family and future significant others.
  • Successfully transition into singlehood/single parenthood.
  • Incorporate wellness decisions into your daily life (e.g., exercise, quiet time, etc.).