The Hope Enrichment Center prides itself on  providing its consumers with highly effective, professional treatment in a caring, warm environment.  We value equipping people with the skills they need to identify and achieve their goals so that they may impact the world in a positive way.  Our clinicians are professionally trained and skillfully educated practitioners that embrace a holistic treatment approach.  We work with several medical and health professionals in the surrounding area that allow us to support our clients’ overall wellness.  

Hope Enrichment Center was founded with an overall vision of providing consumers with a holistic approach to their mental health treatment.  Our philosophy is that in order to promote a healthy mind you must also possess a healthy body, spirit and social support system.  We  believe that a warm, soothing, peaceful environment is essential for healing.  In addition, a practitioner must possess specialized skills in order to guide consumers towards their desired goals.

We have worked diligently at creating a treatment center that encompasses these ideals.  My staff and I continue to explore new treatment approaches and modalities to serve our clientele more efficiently and effectively.

Hope Enrichment Center, P.C.
7300 W. College Dr, Suite 203
Palos Heights, IL 60463

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