Our Staff

Shara Danziger


Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor

I come to Hope as a newly licensed practitioner. I am bringing with me a strong educational background and experience as an individual and group therapist. My point of view is that for therapy to be helpful and make a difference, the first step is a trusting relationship.
The approach that I use has a strong emphasis on Dialectical Behavioral Skills (DBT). DBT gives the clients skills that they can use daily to help cope with concerns, stressors and the roller coaster of life. I view mental health as a journey, one that we all go through. My job is to help those that I work with move through this journey in the healthiest way possible.
I love working with individuals, couples and families. With my master’s being in marriage and family counseling, that is where my heart lies. Moreover, I have a passion for working with teens and parents. As a parent of three, I believe that parenting is the toughest job that anyone will have. Using my skills and a therapist and my experiences, I would love to help those who are struggling with either being a teenager or having one.