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Methods of payment accepted

We accept VISA, Mastercard, and Discover card, cash, or personal check.

What to bring to your first visit

What to bring on your first visit?
On your first visit to our office, we encourage you bring with you:

  1. Your current insurance card and information.
  2. Your driver’s license or identification card.
  3. Payment for services. We take cash, credit/debit, or check for your co-pays and/or deductibles.
  4. Current medication information (e.g., names of medications, dosages, doctor’s information that have prescribed your medication).
  5. Current primary care physician’s information (or OB/GYN’s information).

Insurance accepted

Hope Enrichment Center is currently paneled with the following insurance companies:

  • Blue Cross/Blue Shield PPO
  • Cigna*

* limited to select clinicians in the practice

The Hope Enrichment Center will work with client’s insurance companies to the best of their ability. If our providers are not in your network, you may still be eligible for coverage under your medical insurance for behavioral health services. Our staff will be happy to guide and assist you in determining your level of coverage for services.

We only bill primary insurance policies. If a client possesses secondary insurance, he/she is responsible for submitting appropriate charges independently.

No sliding scale rates are available.

We encourage all clients to contact their insurance carrier before entering treatment to determine coverage for behavioral health services under their individual/family health plan.

Life can bring about all sorts of twists and turns that may lead you to seek out a mental health professional. A psychotherapist is hired to assist you in gaining insight into yourself and provide discernment in guiding you towards your desired goals and aspirations. When most people begin to research which therapist to choose, most people look first for who is centrally located within their area and who is takes their medical insurance benefits. While these are definitely important aspects to consider regarding the logistics of therapy, there are other factors to consider.

It may seem like stating the obvious but be certain that your therapists is currently licensed in your state to practice. You can determine this information by going to the Department of Regulation and entering their name. Here is the link for Illinois:

All the clinicians at the Hope Enrichment Center are fully licensed and insured.

Determine if your therapist has experience with the diagnosis or situations that you are currently encountering. Most therapists are trained to work with clients that are experiencing general anxiety and depression. However, if you are struggling with a specific diagnosis (e.g., eating disorder, PTSD, bipolar disorder, marital issues) it is important to ask about the clinician’s experience and success rate with said populations.

The staff at the Hope Enrichment Center offer a wide range of clinical experiences to ensure we are providing our clients with the highest level of quality care.

Inquire about the clinician’s training history. Ask what degree and licensure he/she possesses. Licensed Clinical Professional Counselors (LCPC) are trained to provide clinical counseling to clients in a variety of settings. Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW) are trained to provide general counsel but also case management and overall coordination of a person’s care. A Psychologist (PsyD) is equip to provide counseling but usually focus on psychological assessment and testing. A Psychiatrist (MD) is mainly concerned with symptom management from the medical model and is typically brought into provide prescription medications.

Many therapists have obtained specialized and continuing education training outside of their graduate degree programs. For example, hypnotherapy, divorce recovery, play therapy, Imago Couple’s therapy and EMDR are specialized trainings that are above and beyond the clinician’s schooling. It is suggested that you inquire if the clinician has obtained further training regarding your diagnosis or situation before making a decision as to the best person to hire.

The Hope Enrichment Center prides itself on the level of post graduate training that our clinicians possess!

Ask about what populations your clinician has had experience working with over their career. Some therapists have spent the majority of their time with children and teens. Some have worked only with adults. Others mostly with couples and families. Discover if the therapist has experience with the age group you are desiring to hire them to work with.

The Hope Enrichment Center’s staff is diversified in its expertise and clinical populations.

Every therapist has a philosophy of treatment and utilizes specific treatment modalities. Find out what your clinician’s treatment approach and philosophy currently is and take notes. You can find this information from the clinician’s website, Psychology Today profile, Therapist Finder profile, or simply requesting a short phone interview with them prior to making an appointment. Clarify any terms the clinician may use that seems foreign or unfamiliar or simply research the terminology independently.

It is always a good idea to consult with the clinician before making an appointment. You can read and research all you want about a person but until you have an interaction with them, its going to be difficulty to determine if you truly click. Most clinicians are very willing to speak with you free of charge to determine if they are a good fit for you (and you for them).

We here at the Hope Enrichment Center welcome you questions and inquires regarding our individual treatment approaches and experiences.

Whoever you choose to help guide you along life’s path, we desire it to be someone that suits you and your situations best.

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