Our Staff

Karen Kalliel

I use a strengths focused approach to therapy. Moving forward requires a look at what a person is already doing well in relation to  current challenges in their lives. My approach includes insight oriented and cognitive techniques which I utilize in my practice.

It takes a very strong person to admit they need help and to take the steps necessary to find a therapist who will be the best fit. In my view, therapy is teamwork and the therapist and client must work collaboratively for the best possible outcome of their therapy experience.

My practice focuses on reducing symptoms of depression and anxiety, adjusting to a changing world and improving communication skills in order to enjoy more healthy and fulfilling relationships.I have training in EMDR and am currently working toward certification in this technique. I am also trained in DBT.

I have been practicing Aikido, a Japanese martial art for the past 22 years. Aikido places an emphasis on conflict resolution and it is this principle that translates well into my therapy practice.