No refunds will be given after September 27, 2022

Annual South Cook County

Trauma & Addiction Conference

Hosted by:

The Hope Enrichment Center PC

Conference will be held at the Palos Heights Park & Recreation Department located at

6601 West 127th Street Palos Heights, IL.

Friday, October 7, 2022, from 8:00am – 5:00pm CST

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Robert Weiss PhD, LCSW

Topic: Understanding Why and How to Assess and Treat Co-Occurring Disorders: Sex and Drugs

Whether it's family, friends, or community, nothing is more predictive about the overall success of our physical and emotional lives than the success of our relationships. As mental health and addiction professionals we tend to be more comfortable discussing childhood sexual trauma with our patients, and less comfortable exploring issues related to their adult sexuality and intimate relationships. In this discussion we will learn to differentiate healthy sexuality from pathological sexuality, the difference between gender expression and gender identity, and we will gain a knowledge of basic assessment for sexual addiction as well as three useful questions to add to current assessments.

Other Speakers & Topics will include:

Carrie Carr MA, LPC-MHSP, LPC- S, LCPC

Topic: Neurobiology of Trauma & Dissociation

Mental health professionals often seek to integrate the knowledge they possess about trauma into a meaningful and effective treatment plan. In this workshop we will outline the impact of complex trauma on information integration and neurobiology. Participants will also gain knowledge about various forms of dissociation and how to recognize/assess for it in their clients. Research based treatment protocols geared towards healing complex trauma will be outlined and defined for the creation of effective treatment planning.

Dr. Howard J. Lipke, PhD

Topic: Preventing Destructive Anger

One of the most difficult emotions to successfully navigate can often be anger, and that anger can quickly turn destructive. This discussion aims to begin by helping the participants become aware of the difference between anger prevention and anger management. From there, we'll introduce you to an integrative model for understanding the complex relationship among re-experiencing of trauma, numbness, fear, sadness, and anger; as well as teaching you about the Hidden Emotion Articulation (HEArt) program to help prevent unwanted anger and learning the ways to use this program in clinical practice.

Justin Wolfe LCPC, CADC, CRC, PCGC

Topic: Guilt and Shame Don’t Motivate Change in Adolescent Addiction

The challenges faced in the adolescent years often bring emotions like guilt and shame that can trick them into believing in their very core that they are bad; influencing individuals to pull away from their values, and engage in behaviors that reaffirm that they are "bad". This presentation will provide ways to identify the difference between guilt and shame, the connection between shame and substance use, and how to engage adolescents in group and individual settings to ignite a belief that change is possible, giving them the tools to provide understanding and compassion to themselves in trying times.

Gwendolyn J. Sterk, Attorney

Topic: Legal and Ethical Responsibilities for Mental Health Providers

As mental health professionals, staying up to date on our legal obligations and the responsibilities as providers is crucial. This discussion will highlight the differences between the Mental Health and Developmental Disabilities Confidentiality Act and the Illinois Marriage and Dissolution of Marriage Act to learn how child-related matters affect your clients as well as how support and financial issues such as dissipation come into play, and explore how these two acts don't always correlate with each other and what your legal responsibility is as a provider when they don't.

No refunds will be given after September 27, 2022

Applied for 6.5 of NBCC continuing education credits

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No refunds will be given after September 27, 2022


    Keynote Speaker:

    Gary Carr, M.D, FAAFP, FASAM, Diplomate ABAM

      Marijuana & adolescents

      Gary D. Carr, MD is the CEO and Medical Director of Live Oaks Addiction Professionals, Inc. In addition, Dr Carr is Medical Director of Stonewater Recovery Center in Oxford, MS; an adolescent male residential facility. He is an Addiction Consultant for Clearview Recovery Center in Hattiesburg, MS as well as Medical Director of the Professionals Health Network – An organization envisioned and developed by Dr Carr available to assist Mississippi licensed healthcare professionals who struggle with Addiction and/or Psychiatric Illness. He is an active member of the American Society of Addiction Medicine (ASAM) where he was a lead author of that organizations Public Policies regarding licensed professionals with potentially impairing illness. Dr Carr was also a lead author of the Federation of State Professionals Health Programs (FSPHP) Guidelines as well as a lead author for the Federation of State Medical Board’s (FSMB) policies on Impaired Physicians and Professional Sexual Misconduct.

      Dr. Carr is a graduate of the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and trained in Family Medicine at the Anniston Family Practice Residency Program in Anniston, Alabama. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Family Practice and Distinguished Fellow of the American Society of Addiction Medicine and a Diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. Dr. Carr has served as Medical Director of the Mississippi Professionals Health Program, the Professionals Health Network, and the Washington State Physician Health Program.

      Dr. Carr speaks nationally and internationally on Adult and Adolescent Addiction, Healthcare Professionals with potentially impairing illness and related topics. He has addressed such groups as the Southern Medical Association, the Citizens Advocacy Committee in Washington, D.C., the American Society of Addictive Medicine (ASAM), the Federation of State Physician Health Programs (FSPHP), the Federation of State Medical Boards (FSMB), the International Society of Addiction Medicine (ISAM) in Reykjavik, Iceland and the AMA/BMA/CMA International Conference on Physician Health in London, England.

      Dr. Carr is a member of the state and national chapters of both the American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), the American Society of Addiction Medicine and the American Medical Association (AMA). Dr. Carr worked with the Federation of State Physician Health Programs to develop guidelines for the 46 member states He is Past-Chair of the ASAM Physician Health Committee and was a principle author of the current twelve ASAM Public Polices of Healthcare and Other Licensed Professionals with Potentially Impairing Illness. Dr. Carr is a Past-President of the Federation of State Physician Health Programs.


      Carrie Carr MA, LPC-MHSP, LPC- S, LCPC

        EGO State therapy & Ethics in Practice

        Carrie is an innovative and compassionate clinician that employs contemporary and efficacious forms of psychotherapy approaches to ensure that her clients achieve optimal results. She utilizes a multifaceted, holistic approach in her mission to clearly and gracefully lead people towards their chosen goals and aspirations. With more than 25 years of clinical experience in community mental health centers, hospitals, alternative schools, universities and private practice, Carrie can provide you and your family with a unique perspective and wealth of knowledge.

        Carrie founded the Hope Enrichment Center in 2004 with the mission to guide people towards their highest potential and health in order to better equip them have a positive impact on the world. She has spoken around the country on the topics of mindfulness, EMDR Therapy, the treatment of anxiety disorders and trauma. Mrs. Carr has also acted as adjunct faculty at Lewis University, Argosy University and Triton College in the area of psychology. She is a certified EMDR Therapy clinician, consultant, and EMDRIA approved trainer with 15 years of experience with EMDR Therapy. Carrie also has spoken nationally on mental health related topics and has instructed students in psychology at various universities.


        Suzanne Muirheid LCPC, CRADC, CCTP-II, Certified EMDR Counselor, EMDR Consultant-In-Training

        EMDR in the Treatment of Trauma

        Suzanne Muirheid founded Calm Mind Counseling Center with the goal of providing innovative and effective care to individuals struggling with trauma and other mental health issues. In the over 10 years of providing therapy, Suzanne found that most of her clients had experienced some type of trauma that continued to impact their overall well-being. In most cases, the trauma(s) had gone untreated and had taken the form of something else like anxiety or depression. In her efforts to provide her clients with the best treatment possible, Suzanne trained extensively in trauma-informed care and other effective therapeutic techniques.

        As a Certified Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) clinician, Suzanne regularly integrates this technique into her work as she has seen it prove effective for many of her clients in a significant way. EMDR works with the brain’s natural healing process to resolve issues at their roots. When a problem is treated at its most base level, symptoms fade quickly and are unlikely to return. In partnership with EMDR, Suzanne will often integrate other techniques such as Ego State Therapy and Mindfulness. Suzanne’s style is holistic and strength-based in that she highlights her client’s existing strengths and supports to foster resilience. She works in partnership with clients to establish treatment goals and actualize the desired change.


        Jaimie Walker, MS, LPC, LPC-MHSP

          Addressing Stages of Change in Addiction Treatment

          Jaimie attended Mississippi State University and completed her graduate degree in Rehabilitation Counseling. She is a Licensed Professional Counselor in both Mississippi and Tennessee, and an EMDRIA Certified EMDR Therapist and Approved Consultant. She has 8 years’ post-master’s experience working with dual-diagnosis population in both individual and group therapy settings. She is currently a member of The American Counseling Association, The American Association of Suicidology, and The EMDR International Association.

          Before entering private practice, Jaimie worked 7 years as a therapist in an Intensive Outpatient Program for Substance Abuse and is the former Clinical Director of a Dual Diagnosis IOP. Jaimie has worked with individuals that have substance use disorders, mood disorders, process addictions, trauma-related issues, complex trauma, grief and loss, and suicidal ideation. Her specialties are in treating addictions & trauma work.

          Jaimie believes in a tailored approach to meet clients where they are and work together to develop a roadmap for his or her journey through change. Jaimie utilizes a combination of EMDR with mindfulness, Ego State, Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy, Motivational Interviewing, and Expressive Art Therapy to assist clients in the healing process.


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